Harvey and Cindy Arntson

P.O. Box 2517
Julian, CA 92036


Jane Barnes

P.O. Box 1570                                          Julian, CA 92036                           760-765-0516


Painter- watercolor

Deborah Behnke

P.O. Box 243
Julian, CA 92036



Oils • mixed media drawing • ceramic • cast sculpture • photography • beaded jewelry
• collage • prints and cards

Since relocating from the Midwest in 2011, I've been in awe of my new environs in Julian, CA;

The skies, the light, the wildlife, the threat of fires, the welcoming community.
These factors have influenced the artwork I've been doing, including photo work & mixed media collage, jewelry with natural stones and global warming issues.My new work has been well received; I've sold work locally from juried shows and in the gift shop in the Borrego spring art institute gift shop.

Maureen Brantley

P.O. Box 1120
Julian, CA 92036                           760-765-1942



MaryBeth Burnham

P.O. Box 641
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070



Don Burgess

P.O. Box 38
Warner Springs, CA 92036                310-613-4881


Oil • acrylics

Deborah Lea Butts

P.O. Box 447
Julian, CA 92036                                            760-765-0151


Watercolor • cards

Hi I m Deborah Lea Butts. I try to do watercolors. I have been trying this off and on for 25 yrs . No formal art training so it is a struggle. I was fortunate to be able to take a few years of watercolor classes from Joe Garcia and fortunately still have his wife Anne and he as friends and consultants. I have done still lifes. I mostly do flowers garden insects frogs as I was a gardener until I got sick last year. and m.trying to expand to birds oceanscapes and landscapes.
I have more time to paint now. My new saying is "Can't dance; therefore I paint.". These wouldn't be my exact words hope you can pull something out of it. I think I have been a member of art guild since maybe 1985. I even served as president one year. I was doing pressed flowers at the time n watched the shows and admired the art work of Dorothy Mushet and many others.

Annie Dover

P.O. Box 401
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070                 760-765-4802



Oils • pencil

Judith Doxey

P.O. Box 154
Warner Springs, CA 92086                760-330-0132


Oils • plein air • cards • photography

William Duffy

35240 Peralta Drive
Warner Springs, CA 92086                760-782-9945

Oils • pencil

Barbara Engelke

P.O. Box 507
Borrego Springs, CA 92004                760-767-1283



Star Fann

29189 San Felipe Rd.
Warner Springs
, CA 92086


Watercolor • oil painting • pastels • acrylics • pencil

I have done art nearly all my life, my parents were very encouraging, and my father in particular, was a good artist himself.

I enjoy making art with many media, and started with oils.  Now I usually use watercolor and acrylics.  I also do pastels, oil pastels, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, scratchboard, and paint on many surfaces, paper and canvas and wood, gourds, rocks, furniture, milk cans, and at one time painted on a race car. 

I don't consider that craft, because my paintings are all original and I don't use stencils or other mechanical methods.  I have also designed and help build parade floats and recently helped paint a 20 ft. canvas teepee.

I like the "zone" that doing art puts me into, and hope to continue projects I have planned in my head for several (even many!) more years.

Susan Fowler

P.O. Box 965
Julian, CA 92036


Acrylic • pastels • metal

Susan (Hood) Fowler was born in San Diego and raised in Lakeside. She attended Grossmont Junior College where she graduated with an Associate in Science with honors.  After that she attended San Diego State University. She and her husband and son moved to Julian in 1977. 

Though she has not had any formal education in the arts, she taught herself using books. She has also held many offices, including District President, in the Julian Woman's Club. She is the IT and researcher for the Julian Pioneer Museum and is working to computerize the Museum's records.

Her art has won several prizes at the Palomar District Arts Festival. She works mostly in pastels and acrylics, but may experiment with anything including metal, wire, and yarn.

Renee Fredricks

P.O. Box 272
Warner Springs, CA 92086                        760-782-0383


Acrylic • watercolor

Anne Garcia

P.O. Box 2314
Julian, CA 92036



Photography • fiber • fine art framing

Joe Garcia

P.O. Box 2314
Julian, CA 92036



Watercolor • oils

Bonnie Lee Gendron

P.O. Box 70
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070



Pastel • pencil • oil painting • printmaking • mixed media • beading

An artist all her adult life, Bonnie began making art and studying artistic techniques in earnest in the 1970’s. She considers herself to be self-taught, but has honed her skills through classes and workshops offered by well known artists throughout the county. Bonnie believes art is an ongoing learning process that often reflects her most important ideas and values. 

Edward Glass

P.O. Box 517
Julian, CA 92036



Evelyn Goldschmidt

Heliotrope Ltd.

P.O. Box 1058
Julian, CA 92036



Photography • living art

Combining her love of nature and gardening with her passion for photography and design has long been a driving force of Evelyn's life. She received her formal training in photography at The New School in New York City, where she grew up, and has spent many years developing both her photographic and darkroom skills. As founder and owner-manager of the former Creative Custom Lab and Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, she has worked and taught professionally in her chosen field for many years.
Now a retired high school teacher and three-year resident of Julian, California, Evelyn is an officer of the Julian Arts Guild, as well as a member of both the Borrego and Ramona Art Guilds. Her work is displayed in many San Diego area shows, as well as at the Borrego Arts Institute, 2Create Gallery in Ramona, and several other local galleries.
Finally having the time and resources, Evelyn now devotes much of her life to her dream of being a proponent of natural imagery for her own and others' pleasure and enlightenment. Her present work concentrates on macro and black & white imagery, but she also greatly enjoys scenic and animal photography.
Her photographic and artistic goal is to encourage people to view flora and fauna in extraordinary ways that might be overlooked otherwise.

Stan Goudey
P.O. Box 1183
Julian, CA 92036



Painter - watercolor • oils • acrylic

Paula Hackman

420 Pile St.
Ramona, CA 92065




Rex Harrison

P.O.Box 279
Warner Springs, CA 92086



Cynthia Hedgecock

2656 Bayside Walk
San Diego, CA 92109                       858-663-3660




I am a passionate photographer and grab precious time to indulge that passion between professional demands. My mother was a photographer and I learned from early days to see through a lens. My training is from UCSD where I have earned the Professional Certificate in Photography: Images and Techniques. My favorite subjects are landscape and travel photography, AND portraiture. I prefer shooting with natural light, but sometimes it needs a bit of enhancement.

To me, moments are precious. Memories are kept in images and passed through generations. There is such beauty in light, and light on human faces is magic. And I feel strongly that images must be printed and held to become art. In that printed image, moments are preserved.

Above is a photograph taken on the island of Kauai, during a storm, at sunset. It won the International Amateur Panoramic Photographer of the Year Award in 2010.

John C. Heglin

P.O. Box 2412
Julian, CA 92036



Sculpture • stained glass • ceramics
John C. Heglin has worked as an Artist/Sculptor for more than 30 years working in clay, metal, glass and wood. His extensive training in psychology and counseling as well as a career as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer gives him a unique perspective on the human form.  

He has developed a permanent, highly accurate affordable Life Casting to offer to those who need it therapeutically, or even to those who just want to preserve their aesthetic form against the onslaught of aging.

Dianna Hess                                                P.O. Box 306
Julian, CA 92036                           805-796-0515


Graphic Design

Mike Holder

P.O. Box 2043
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
760-767-5264, 619-665-2899


Pyrography • ink on wood paper and gourds

Pyrography artist, Mike Holder, creates one-of-a-kind images, wood burning them on Baltic Birch. He uses his computer to convert his photos and artwork to line drawings. Recently he added watercolor and rag papers to his repertoire of mediums for his art. Three years ago Mike decided to bring vivid color to his images with the use of ink dyes used to paint on gourds. It created an entirely new market for his work.

In his early years, Mike was a photographer in the Great Northwest where he worked in advertising in the fashion and product industries. On hiatus from his work, he was drawn to the outdoors...the wildlife, the streams, the mountains and lakes of the scenic Northwest.

With an extensive gallery of photos from which to work he began using them to create patterns he could wood burn. And so it began.

Ink as a coloring agent is archival and the vivid colors will last even in direct sunlight.  It is what has attracted buyers to the Borrego Springs Art Institute where Mike has had many pictures sold over the last few years.  This past February Mike was featured in Creative Woodworking and Craft magazine in a full page article.

Recently Mike has been approached by the manufacturer of the inks to help them introduce these inks to the fine arts market.  Mike will be working with distributors of "Steward Superior Ink" to help introduce an old product to a new worldwide market.

Currently, Mike is looking for new galleries who will represent him.  He is widely diversified in his subject matter. 

Shirley Hooper

P.O. Box 191
Julian, CA 92036




James Hubbell

930 Orchard Lane
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070



Painting • sculpture • architecture 

Paul Jacobson                                             

P.O. Box 1991                                          Julian, CA 92036                                    760-765-1704


Eric Jones                                              

P.O. Bpx 1205                                          Julian, CA 92036                                    619-333-9365



Anne Knowles

P.O. Box 995
Julian, CA 92036                             619-201-2624



Sonja Kodimer                                                                     P.O. Box 2163                                          Julian, CA 92036                                    760-842-3331

Studio - Crow and Lace 2608 B. Street



Ceramics • acrylics • oils

Lisa Lansdown                                             

4414 Dehesa Road                                          El El Cajon, CA 92019                                 619-723-6567


Photographer • mixed media

Donna Lord                                              

4026 Hwy 78                                             Julian, CA 92036                                    760-484-3294


Brent Mitchell

The Mitchell Studio Gallery
4336 HWY 78 (At Wynola Road)
760-765-1102 or 760-765-3584



One of a kind free form glass sculpture and jewelry

Gallery is open from 10-4 pm daily.ily.

Henrietta Moore 

P.O. Box 759
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
760-767-4887, 760-449-7212


Watercolor • oils

Rebecca Morales 

P.O. Box 884
Julian, CA 92036
760-527-5070, 858-551-1000




Mary Morgan

P.O. Box 735                                            Santa Ysabel, CA 92070                                    760-765-3584


Vivid mixed media art using alcohol inks, acrylic paints, print media and recycled bits and pieces. Wall art, original greeting cards and many surprises.

Kiki Munshi

P.O. Box 1557                                           Julian, CA 92036


Kiki Skagen Munshi paints in oils. She works with local landscapes and animal portraits. Her studio is open to visitors.

Dorothy Mushet

Banner Queen Gallery
P.O. Box 575
Julian, CA 92036



Dorothy Mushet has been painting the Julian and desert area for over 45 years, specializing in wildlife, landscapes and enjoys painting horses, dogs, other animals and children. Primarily self-taught with some college classes and workshops, Dorothy works in watercolor, oils, ink and scratchboard. She illustrated the book, Because They Matter... for the Fund for Animals, by Cindy Traisi.

Dorothy was born in San Diego and has lived in the Julian since 1949. She has paintings in many collections world wide, and has won several awards. Besides being a charter member of the Julian Arts Guild, she is a member of the California Art Club and has been a member of the Borrego Art Guild and the Ramona Art Guild.

Dorothy is the owner of the Banner Queen Gallery/Studio where her art and other artists have their work. Located in the historic Banner Queen Ranch Trading Post.