Beryl Warnes

P.O. Box 1033
Julian, CA 92036


It has long been a dream to have a place for fiberholics such as myself to go for connectedness. As I become more web friendly it seems the ideal place to do this.. A way to stay connected to others like myself. As I surf around I see many of you out there, Thank you for being there.

An online store where loyal customers can be the first to see what’s in the works and available without coming to the shop. Although a trip to the shop can be educational and informative as the looms are always at work. My son, Skylar, now a second generation weaver and I are always willing to share the process with anyone interested.

In this fast paced world there is importance in keeping in touch with creative rhythm and simple pleasures the fiber arts are tactile and satisfying balance to the intangible nature of computer generated pursuits.