Dorothy Mushet

Banner Queen Gallery
P.O. Box 575
Julian, CA 92036


Dorothy Mushet has been painting the Julian and desert area for over 45 years, specializing in wildlife, landscapes and enjoys painting horses, dogs, other animals and children. Primarily self-taught with some college classes and workshops, Dorothy works in watercolor, oils, ink and scratchboard. She illustrated the book,Because They Matter… for the Fund for Animals, by Cindy Traisi.

Dorothy was born in San Diego and has lived in the Julian since 1949. She has paintings in many collections world wide, and has won several awards. Besides being a charter member of the Julian Arts Guild, she is a member of the California Art Club and has been a member of the Borrego Art Guild and the Ramona Art Guild.

Dorothy is the owner of the Banner Queen Gallery/Studio where her art and other artists have their work. Located in the historic Banner Queen Ranch Trading Post.