John Reger Life Drawing March 18-22

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Life Drawing Intensive with John Reger

Join John Reger for an in depth study of the fundamentals of academic ‘long-pose’ life drawing.  This drawing workshop will be an introduction to the manual, procedural, and analytical techniques of a refined, articulate, realistic approach to pencil drawing. The course is designed for all levels. No experience is required.

Students will be presented with an immersive drawing experience in the belief that the most effective learning tool is the multi-level experience of drawing itself.  

Participants will be introduced to a refined, articulate drawing style in which drawings are built up methodically through a succession of linear and tonal stages: (1) the envelope: a simple, foundational shape encompassing the whole figure, (2) the block-in: the complex, abstract shape of the figure, (3) the contour: the specific, linear description of the silhouette of the figure, (4) drawing on the inside: the tonal description of the form of the body within the confines of the contour.  The focus is on patience, craft, observation, and understanding of drawing principles. 

This workshop is suitable for artists of all levels who wish to develop an understanding of the classical tradition of realistic figure drawing. 

Please sign up early; class size is limited.

March 18th – 22nd – 5 days of life drawing, demos and instruction

Hours: 9:30am – 12:30pm, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Location: In Wynola, California – a few miles outside of the historic town site of Julian, California. During your course you will enjoy scenic views in a sweet mountain town. For information about lodging and your stay visit the Julian Chamber of Commerce. 

Fee Schedule

  • Art Guild, Register by February 15th – $250
  • Public, Register by February 15th – $300
  • After February 15th – $350
  • After March 10th – $425

The art guild is offsetting the cost of this workshop to provide quality, intensive arts education to the Julian community. If you would like to register but need to set up payments please contact the guild via

Students will be drawing from nude models. Ages 18+.




With a live model and focused artists, there are certain dos and don’ts when participating in life drawing.

  1. Please maintain an atmosphere of concentration and focus. This is for the benefit of the artists as well as the model.
  2. Do not approach the model stand or touch the model.
  3. Photography is not permitted.
  4. Talking loudly, chewing loudly, behaving in a distracting manner is unfair to your fellow artists.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are here to practice, learn and develop your skills in your own manner.
  6. Thank the model.
  7. Ask lots of questions!