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Figure Drawing Session Flyer 8-18


With a live model and focused artists, there are certain dos and don’ts when participating in life drawing.

  1. Please maintain an atmosphere of concentration and focus. This is for the benefit of the artists as well as the model.
  2. Do not approach the model stand or touch the model.
  3. Photography is not permitted.
  4. Talking loudly, chewing loudly, behaving in a distracting manner is unfair to your fellow artists.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are here to practice, learn and develop your skills in your own manner.
  6. Thank the model.
  7. Do not feel that a quiet atmosphere requires silence. A quick back and forth is not inappropriate during a pose, but a conversation is.



Is this nude? – No, this is a fully clothed model.

I prefer quick poses. – If you would like to make a series of shorter drawings, you are welcome to move your position. However, we are providing this opportunity for artists to draw from life and really take some time with their drawings. Longer poses allow the artist to develop details that are skipped in quick pose.