How To Blog Workshop w/ Cathy Scott via ZOOM

April 23rd 2020 3-4:30pm

Bestselling true-crime author Cathy Scott presents easy-to-follow steps in a lecture and workshop setting. Her advice is based on first-hand experience and knowledge on how to create a blog and then write content to an eager online audience. This free webinar event is for all levels of bloggers, beginners included. Once attendees sign up by emailing Cathy, she’ll send you instructions about signing up for web conferencing and she’ll send you the official webinar invitation.

The Blogosphere is growing and has become a place for people of all walks of life and occupations to engage and develop an audience. Whether you blog – or want to blog – to promote a business or service, market your own work and services, or you’re writing just for fun, this workshop with help guide you.

Cathy has blogged about a sundry of crimes since 2008, beginning with her own blog, Crime She Writes, then at Women in Crime Ink with a group of authors, then to, and for the last five years with She’ll share exactly how to do it in easy to understand steps based on her own tried-and-true blogging experiences.

Besides outlining how to write and present a blog post, Cathy will also provide a list of the best free blog sites so you can start your own at no cost. She will also give you examples of how to get started and then how to draw more readers to your blog posts.

To sign up email Cathy at