Mila Feldblum

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My art is done on the computer, using many different programs and techniques. Imagination is a major part of my work and is very important as it plays a key role in creating beautiful art pieces that are inspiring in nature. With the computer’s help I create a virtual world of my own liking, tell a story and communicate through the universal language of art, using a type of a symbolism, called symbolic imagery.

Each piece I create is unique and different in nature, and like people, has its own “personality” and “mood”, so it would appeal to individuals of various mindsets. As some people say, “each image has a world of its own”. Whether it is photography or graphic design, my main goal is to try making art that inspires people. Therefore, the pieces of art I create are very colorful, vibrant and unique, just like people’s personalities.

I love creating images of my mind’s eye, making anything I want, without being constrained by the limits of this reality. There is no limit to imagination, it cannot be put in a box. “Boring” has no place here!

So, open your mind as you journey into a totally different world, another dimension and reality that transcends space and time like you’ve never experienced before, and join me on this reality-transforming experience, as you view my art!

It will be displayed at the Julian library until the end of March, so, please, don’t forget to stop by! Hope to see you there! And enjoy!