Star Fann

29189 San Felipe Rd.
Warner Springs, CA 92086

Watercolor • oil painting • pastels • acrylics • pencil


I have done art nearly all my life, my parents were very encouraging, and my father in particular, was a good artist himself.

I enjoy making art with many media, and started with oils. Now I usually use watercolor and acrylics. I also do pastels, oil pastels, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, scratchboard, and paint on many surfaces, paper and canvas and wood, gourds, rocks, furniture, milk cans, and at one time painted on a race car.

I don’t consider that craft, because my paintings are all original and I don’t use stencils or other mechanical methods. I have also designed and help build parade floats and recently helped paint a 20 ft. canvas teepee.

I like the “zone” that doing art puts me into, and hope to continue projects I have planned in my head for several (even many!) more years.