Sundee Zieglar


Sundee L. Ziegler is a self taught artist working in several mediums to create works of art representing the animal kingdom and all its wonders. Wildlife, exotic, fantasy, and domestic animals rendered in colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylics, and pastels, find their way onto various and unusual surfaces such as papyrus, metal, wood, suede board, eggs and quality artist papers, Many of her beautiful works are hanging in venues worldwide from private homes to private collections and businesses.
City born and raised, Sundee found her way to the wild western states, northern states, Texas and Germany, finding clients along the way who wanted her to immortalize their beloved animals in beautiful lifelike portraits full of personality, expression and life. From there she branched out into working on endangered species, wildlife and fantasy animals some with a native american flair. While in Germany she earned her living painting in oils and working in colored pencil on portraits of horses, mules and domestic farm animals. She is now is creating what she calls, “Wild Side Animal Portraits”. When doing a dog portrait, she super imposes a wild canine face over the actual portrait of the dog. Such as a wolf over a German Shepard or a tiger over a cat.  She says that she loves bringing out the wild side of the pet and showing the owner a new side to their beloved animal. She is also working on other surfaces such as creating an owl out of a goose egg or a scaled dragon egg complete with shimmer and jewels to mesmerize the fantasy lover. As she creates each animal, she puts a little bit of her heart and living essence into each one. She knows that it is finished when she can see it’s soul looking back at her in it’s eyes.
You can find Sundee showing at local art shows and exhibits where her work is on view and for sale. She welcomes commissions anytime. It is a great gift for the animal lover in your life or a real treat for yourself. Should you wish a commission of your favorite animal or fantasy creature. contact her for more information
Sundee has a studio in Anza, California called Mystikal Cat Studio and an online gallery at  Shef is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, San Diego chapter 202, the Anza Valley Artists, Julian Art Guild, and a few others.
Sundee gives private lessons, workshops and is an active member of various emergency preparedness and survival groups giving talks to municipal and private organizations. When not creating her works of art, she gardens, practices her archery, tends to her homestead and the many animals that call it home, She cans, bakes and you can always find her writing her next book or reading the next best seller. She lives with her 85 year old mother and her son’s mother-in-law and her many dogs and cats on The Rusty Squirrel Ranch. When asked about the name of the ranch she says, ” we are all rusty with age and we are all squirrels!”
Mystikal Cat Studio
PO Box 390345
57310 Valley Vista Ln
Anza, California 92539

P.O. Box 390345
Anza CA 92539


Watercolor • acrylic • colored pencils